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Girls' Generation / YMMV - TV Tropes Kahi and Hyoyeon are dance teachera at SM Entertainment and are dating solo artists Son Dam Bi and Onew. Her neglecting of Seohyun in TaeTiSeo variety appearances to bait TaeNy. Some Sones felt this is an extremely stupid move especially after Taeyeon's dating scandal, and were. Before that, SNSD's songs were seen as consistently good.

Picking on Heartstrings, Again; Hum a Love Song - humyourheart For the first time in their careers they are facing some trouble focusing on their teaching as they have two new additions to their classes - Jung Ah and Eunhyuk. Nov 22, 2013. HAPPY TAENY'S 17 27 TH PAGE FIC CELEBRATION. Heck, even Tiffany's new to the whole dating a girl thing so it's not really a disadvantage for her to go about it. Tags fanfiction, snsd, taeny, taeyeon, tiffany, two-shot.

BaekYeon Analysis - glow - Tumblr The Dance Teacher The rehearsal room’s door opened and Kahi walked in. A third party is involved and he/she/they mht have known that BaekYeon are dating. Reason 1 Observation Sooyoung and Yoona's relationships are with.

Links Home Message Archive Theme Anonymous said "what if. She was dressed formally as she was coming back from a meeting with the directors of Pledis. Mar 29, 2016. “what if” your theory about taeny dating each other is wrong? '' theory. Dear, it's not a theory, we are not these kind of snsd insiders or.

SNSD funny You did not - Pinterest In her rht hand she was carrying a backpack with training clothes, deodorants and stuff. The teacher looked down, and yeah, she was still in her bra, so she slipped on her white tee and smiled. SNSD. SNSD funny You did not. SNSD Taeny. Seohyun SNSD Girls'. Yes, I'm pretty sure we all do.2 SNSD members who recently discovered dating.

April 2013 SoshiButts The CEO had just asked her and her friend Hyoyeon, who was just hired at the company to take over the new trainees’ . She opened her backpack and placed all of her stuff inside. The woman took off her jacket and underneath she had was a black bra. She quickly checked out Jung Ah, something she hadn’t done since she moved in with Dam Bi. Apr 26, 2013. Well, I know many S♥NEs and especially TaeNy shippers know this. I'm always late at. Two members of SNSD were DATING FOR REAL!

On Twitter "'SNSD Taeyeon-Tiffany are dating. The teacher walked around the b empty room…it felt warm to her like she was exactly in her place. Just as she was about to put on her white T-shirt, her phone rang. Checking out someone for her was something she used to love doing before. Apr 15, 2016. 소녀시대 Taeyeon ♡ Tiffany TaeNy แทนี่ 태니 serenity x dreamer. 'SNSD Taeyeon-Tiffany are dating' สะเทือนวงการเดทเกาหลีมั้ยล่ะ.

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